Parole is the early release of an inmate. In lieu of serving the entire sentence, an offender may be granted early release with the remainder of his sentence served on community supervision. In many ways, parole is similar to probation

When Am I Eligible for Parole?

       An inmate is typically eligible for parole when their good time plus actual time equals 1/4 of their sentence. This means an inmate with an 8-year sentence could serve less than a year, if granted parole.Some offenses, known as 3g offenses, require an inmate to serve 1/2 of his actual sentence.The TDCJ publishes parole information for all inmates. You can view parole information, including eligibility dates, here.

How Can I Parole?

        Most inmates are reviewed for parole annually, beginning with their first month of parole eligibility. Parole if never guaranteed. It is considered a privilege, not a right. Our firm can review a case file, determine what factors a parole panel will likely consider, develop a parole plan, and submit a parole packet to the panel for review. Parole packets are case and inmate specific. A parole packet can dramatically increase the chances of pa panel granting parole by addressing their concerns.

         Contact the Lankford Law Firm to learn more about what a Texas parole lawyer can do for your loved one who is incarcerated. A Texas parole lawyer can develop a parole plan and submit a parole packet on his behalf.


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