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DWI Nondisclosure Orders

        On June 15, 2017, Governor Abbott signed House Bill 3016 which allows certain DWI convictions to be sealed beginning on September 1, 2017. Prior to HB 3016, persons receiving DWI convictions were told that the conviction never goes away. That was true prior to HB 3016, but the law has changed. HB 3016 is retroactive and allows older DWI convictions to be sealed as well.

        A Nondisclosure Order seals your conviction from public view and allows you to deny having been convicted for most job applications and background checks. Law enforcement and government agencies may still be able to view a Nondisclosed DWI conviction.

Who qualifies for a DWI Nondisclosure?

        The criteria are:

              1. First time DWI conviction

              2. The plea was not to a DWI with a BAC over 0.15 or a child under 15 as a passenger

              3. There was no accident involving injury to another person

              4. No other convictions or deferred adjudications, other than for minor traffic violations

              5. The waiting period (2, 3, or 5 years depending) has passed

How do I get a DWI Nondisclosure Order?

         Contact our office at (817) 870-9803 and we will determine your eligibility, petition for a Nondisclosure Order, and attend any hearings.

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